If there's one thing I loved about the way things were going down around here, it was that there weren't fights, and there weren't rules. Because there was no need to have them.

But lately, things are gettin rough. People are far more irritable, and so I decided to create a few rules that apply to every user, including me or any other moderator.
Rules will be increasing as situations present themselves and require them (the rules) to increase. Until now, there won't be many rules, and I hope it stays like it forever. Maybe and hopefully, in a near future, they won't be necessary no more, and I'll delete them once again.

Rule #1: Behaviours:
No fighting, insulting or any kind of irritating, aggressive and insulting behaviour will be tolerated on this boards. We've had enough examples of the way things work and how everyone reacts towards these situations.

Rule #2: Repetitive threads:
Please do not post questions that have already been answered many times before. Please use the SEARCH function to locate answers before asking.

Rule #3: Spamming:
Please do not double posts, or "bump" threads. This is considered spamming. Threads/posts will be replied to whereever possible.

Rule #4: Release Dates:
DO NOT ask for the release date, we'll make a sticky thread when we know about them .

Rule #5: Private Messaging:
Please use the Private Message (PM) system if you only intend to speak with one particular person. This would make the forums a better place for everybody.

Rule #6: Post Boosting:
Please do not post boost. If you see a thread that is stupid, repeated or asking about illegal stuff, then report it, but do not start with 'Closed this thread' or 'You're getting banned' posts.

Rule #7: Off-topic threads:
Please do not drive threads off-topic. Post only if you have something to add to the conversation and do not post to change the subject or just fight with someone about something that has nothing to do with the subject that the Thread Starter mentioned.

Please, if you feel like ANY of the rules are broken from now on, report it immediatly to me or any other moderator and we'll decide what to do.

*Please check the date when this post was created before reporting some other. Because maybe the one you want to report is older than this one, and then that won't count. Rules start from today: 09/19/2007, but previous behaviours will be taken into account to decide any kind of sanction.
*The hardness or severity of the sanction/banning type will depend on how relevant the breaking of the rule was, and how many types the rule has been broken by that member of the boards.
*These rules apply to EVERY part of the boards. I post them here first because it's the most visited part, but as soon as I can I will be copying all this on to the other parts as well.

Well... I think that's about it. I hope I didn't leave anything out. If I did, I'll update it later.

Respect is everything. Memba that.

F D B.



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